Claude Debussy's Nuages. This painted visualization is 4 feet high by 104 feet, ©Jack Ox 1982

You cannot buy this painting!–– a 104 by 4 foot visualization of Claude Debussy's Nuages. Out of twenty-seven circa four-foot wide sections in the orginal physical painting, I can tell you where only six units are. This rather wide painting is a mapping of Debussy's ten minute composition. The first time it was exhibited in NYC, it was the only work in the exhibition, and that was the last time the work was seen in its entirety. After that time- it was sold in smaller pieces as if it did not have a value as a whole, as the visualization of Nuages. It is much easier and more profitable to sell it piece by piece, similar to cutting the pages out of a priceless Medieval illuminated manuscript book. Two of the sections were blown up with the WTC, inside of the hotel that was between the two towers. Another five or six sections were 'stolen' from a truck moving down Spring Street in Soho, as they were being returned from a very prominate gallery in Los Angeles. They said that the painting sections were removed from the back as the truck was moving slowly down the strreet and the driver's never noticed it, and the gallery kept half of the insurance money. I think eight sections were lost when a condominium on Broadway in Manhattan redecorated the lobby that had a beautiful section of Nuages in it. They sold it off section by section to their condominium owners. This website is the only place where you can experience the complete painting. It also the only place where you can see the equally dispersed drawings.