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Dick Higgins, the Fluxus artist and theorist, identified the concept of intermedia in 1966 when he published his essay in the first Something Else Press newsletter (Higgins,Dick 2001) Intermedia paper. This article was reprinted in Leonardo Journal of the Intermational Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology in 2001, included an appendix by Higgin's daughter, the well known art historian, Hannah Higgins. I lived In Germany from 1987 until 1994. Dick and other members of the Higgin's family would often stay at my home when they were in Cologne. Often the conversation would turn toward intermedia, especially when conversing with Dick. The organization chart on this page uses Dick's structure and concept. The logo for Intermedia Projects Inc. is a simplification of the chart. I therefore dedicate this nonprofit organization to Dick Higgins, with deep appreciation for his conception and design of intermedia. ©Jack Ox 2015